The House

The Good Friends, Inc. halfway house is a community-based residential treatment and rehabilitation facility that provides services for adult males who are chemically dependent in a supportive environment. While this service provides substance abuse treatment, it also emphasizes protective and supportive elements of family living while encouraging and providing opportunities for independent growth and responsible community living, mutual self-help, assistance in economics/social adjustment and integration of life skills into daily life and a solid program of recovery. This is a live-in/work-out environment with the typical length of stay of three to six months.

Good Friends, Inc. provides its quality service from our sole location in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The facility utilizes a 300-year-old farmhouse as its residence. Our building is part of a 150-acre working farm, landscaping nursery, and golf farm.

The halfway house is for adult males who are chemically dependent who meet the criteria for admission based on The American Society of Addiction Criteria (ASAM). We maintain a 25-bed capacity.

Villanova University's Human Organization Science Institute, under contract to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, conducted a five-year study of the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment services for Medical Assistance recipients. Click here to learn more (.pdf).

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