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One of the mechanisms for self-study and improvement Good Friends, Inc. utilizes is a client survey. These surveys rate eleven separate areas of our program, such as the individual counseling process, the food, living conditions, etc. They are an integral part of our quality improvement process and are shared with staff and the Board of Directors.

At the conclusion of our most recent fiscal year, our clients rated our program to numerically score 4.37 out of 5 points, a very high service score. While we are very pleased our clients rate all aspects of our services with such high distinction, we continue to strive to improve on a daily basis.

Within our surveys clients can comment on specific or general points. We share some of these comments here to give you a flavor of their experience:

Good Friends gave me the tools I will need to live a sober life. The staff of Good Friends were excellent and did what was necessary to help me by pointing out things to me that I did not want to face. I will never forget Good Friends.   Absolutely loved being here. Staff was amazing and I learned a new outlook on recovery. Thank u for helping save my life.
I never in my life was more truthful to a caring person. Words cannot explain how my counselor changed my life.   I am overwhelmed with gratitude to each and everyone.
Everyone was very respectful.   The staff is friendly and takes the time to talk.
This place saved my life.   All the luxuries of home, which this house was, my home.
I learned something every session.   My counselor helped me with my bad points and made me see the good I have in myself.
Couldn't ask for anything better. Great place to live and build a foundation.   Life Skills was always interesting and a great learning tool. I appreciate the thought and time she puts into getting us involved in our own lives.
I can't imagine a better full-time staff.   The program at GF has helped me more than you know and am thankful that I was a part of that.

Client Letters

Sometimes we hear from people who have graduated long ago. Recently we received an e-mail from an alumni member who graduated in February of 1983 and lives in a different part of our country. He wrote:

After 25 years of sobriety that I believe would not have become a reality without Good Friends, I wanted to take a moment and cheer on your current staff and Board. Good Friends changed my life; period. I have been working in the same field for 25 years now, completed college (which I started as a resident of Good Friends) many years ago, have been married for 22 years, have a wonderful son, and have remained sober. Everyone associated with Good Friends now and in the past has contributed to revitalizing the lives of countless men with substance abuse addictions. I hope you all realize the impact this has made on the men who have learned to live while at Good Friends, along with their families and friends. I am forever in debt for the time I spent at Good Friends.

Recently, we received this update to the letter above...

Greetings, I see under testimonials a letter I sent when I was 25 years sober. Well I’m now 40 years sober. I’ll be 67 this August and I moved into GF when I was 27. I retired from the Charlotte Area Transit System with 30 years of Service and then worked a few years with an international company headquartered in France. I’m now 100% retired.

Currently between my Jeep Wrangler, my guitars, my small wood shop, reading and Netflix I stay busy. Life has been good without benders, blackouts and hangovers.

I wanted to add onto my original letter. I hope this inspires the men to make a good life.

I encourage any resident or staff to contact me by email if I can provide any encouragement.

Another letter we received recently:

I wanted to send a heartfelt Thank You to Good Friends for some time now and let you know how your program help changed my life. I have been clean and sober now for 10 years now and so much of what I was given at Good Friends and the Staff there played a huge part in it. I am now a Peer Support Specialist for the Charles George VA in North Carolina now and I help other Veterans try to achieve their own Recovery. Once again Thank You so much for all that you do up there and know that there are former residents that will never forget you and the residents you are helping!

Thank you,
Ron K

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