Frequently Asked Questions

Member's Bedroom

What should I bring?
Think of Good Friends, Inc. as your temporary home. So, what do you want to bring that would make you comfortable? Laptop, ipod, books? All are okay. TV? Fine too. Yes, there will be restrictions on the use of these items (time, location) but all are acceptable to bring. Bring clothes, toiletries, and most importantly, a desire to achieve sobriety. We will supply you with bed linens if you do not bring your own. If you have a cell phone, you can bring it. Yes, we do have some restrictions on its use, but you can use it during your treatment stay.

Can family and friends telephone me or is there a blackout period?
Your loved ones will be able to call you and visit you from the first day of your stay through the last day. They can contact you by using your own cell phone or by contacting our office telephone number, 215-736-2861. You can receive mail and packages from them too. Have them place your name on the mail and use this address below your name: Good Friends, Inc. PO Box 165 Morrisville, PA 19067. If a package must use our physical address, such as a Fed Ex mailing, have them place your name on the mail and use this address below your name: Good Friends, Inc. 868 West Bridge Street Morrisville, PA 19067. If they want to bring an item off to you they can do that too. Just have them put your name on the package and hand it to a staff person in case you are not in the building when they arrive.

What about visitors coming to see me?
You can entertain visitors here as long as there is not programming occurring that you must attend. Permission to go off the property with your visitors can be arranged through your individual counselor. A home pass can also be given, again, arranged through your individual counselor.

What will my day look like when I am there?
You will receive individual and group counseling, along with various classes and activities that help you create and solidify the support system you are developing in early recovery. We will also help you establish positive habits in your everyday life, some as easy as wake up and bed times, other involving budgeting and impulsivity control. You'll be busy much of the day and evening.

Do I go to work while I live there?
Yes, employment is part of our therapeutic programming. We will help you with job leads, but you will get a job by applying places. Donít worry about not knowing the area. We'll help you. We understand some clients are unable to work due to individual circumstances. We help these clients find a positive routine during the day that meets their needs but also positively addresses their new recovery lifestyle.

What about the money I earn?
It's your money. We want to help you understand budgeting and other features of saving money for your transition back into society. To that end we want you to save money in a bank or other type of situation. How much? Whatever works for your transition plan to the next phase of your recovery. Maybe you are going back home, or to a new home, maybe to an apartment. Everyone is different so we'll work with you on what works best for your individual plan.

Can I have a vehicle there?
Yes, your personal vehicle can be here. Like other items, we will have restrictions placed on it to guard against impulsivity or other common issues. You will coordinate these with your individual counselor.

I take certain medications. Are medications allowed there?
Many of our gentlemen take medications for various physical or psychological issues. We want you to maintain the necessary medications that facilitate your good health. We will work with you so you can continue to see your prescribing physician for care. We also have a Psychiatric Medical Consultant on staff. He can oversee your psychiatric medications while you are in the treatment program if you wish to utilize him.

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