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Our facility provides the following substance abuse treatment services for eligible clients:

Group Therapy
Group therapy is provided once a week for a minimum of 1½ hours per session. These services are directed by two counselors per group and focus on issues identified on the individualized treatment plan. There are eight clients per group.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is once a week for a minimum of 1 hour per session. These services are directed by our counselors and focus on issues identified on the individualized treatment plan. Our caseload of 1:4.16 allows for intensive and comprehensive treatment.

Peer Groups
We require clients to attend peer groups four times a week for a minimum of one hour per session. These services are structured, peer-led groups which are topic and self-expression oriented. We encourage our clients to attend peer groups more frequently at the entry level stage of treatment.

Community Meeting
Community meetings are held twice a week for a minimum of 45 minutes per meeting. One of these meetings is led by our Resident Manager, the other by our Executive Director. Each meeting focuses on daily living management including communications and house responsibilities.

Education Group
Life Skills education groups are held once a week for a minimum of one hour per session. These services are instructional lectures or group discussions which focus on a wide range of topics including HIV/AIDS, nutrition, family planning, literacy, parenting, fitness, etc. Community agency representatives are often utilized for specialty lectures.

Community Building
Community building services are provided to all clients as an integral part of the program. These services reflect our philosophy of bridging the gap between the group living experience and the community setting and include activities such as community resource and networking, client volunteer projects in the community, and peer support.

Relapse Prevention
Relapse prevention services shall be provided to each client during their last month of treatment, then extended beyond discharge for two months at no charge.

Coordination of Supportive/Ancillary Services

Good Friends, Inc. provides supportive/ancillary services directly or through community linkage/referral. Services are provided to each client on an as needed basis according to the client evaluation and treatment plan. We, at a minimum, arrange for, or provide, all of the following services:

Vocational Services include vocational assessment, job readiness, job placement.

Educational Services include GED preparation, literacy and basic education tutoring.

Healthcare Services include medical and dental referrals and general health education, especially HIV/AIDS awareness and support.

Psychological Services include the use of our Medical Consultant to evaluate, monitor, and manage psychiatric behaviors.

Economic Services include budgeting, credit restoration, housing assistance, income support.

Recreation/Social Services include fitness, games, peer interactions.

Other Services include:
    •  Physical examination
    •  Biopsychosocial assessment
    •  Individual treatment planning with review at least every 30 days
    •  Development of discharge plan and referral into continuum of care
    •  A statistically based Quality Improvement Program
    •  Availability of specialized professional/medical consultation and testing such as HIV and TB testing and other laboratory work as indicated

All staff members adhere to Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Program’s staffing requirements for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Activities.

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